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What is a checkbook holder?

As its name suggests, acheckbook holderis a case or pouch, usually made of leather, for storing and protecting your checkbook. An elegant and delicate piece of leather goods, it adds to the essentialswalletAndwalletfor checkbook users. The checkbook holder has indeed become essential for keeping your checks safe (no more dog-eared papers in your bag!) and keeping them close at hand so you can use them quickly.

Several versions of the checkbook holder exist to adapt to different checkbook formats: either the stub is on the left side of the check (“classic” checkbook), or it is on the top (“wallet” checkbook). The size of this latest model will also be more optimal for those who wish to carry their checkbook holder in ashoulder bag,handbagOrshoulder bag: shorter than the classic checkbook but wider, it will fit perfectly into your favorite accessory. The same goes for the number of flaps: sometimes with 1 flap, sometimes with 2, the design of a checkbook holder will be constructed to correspond to the different dimensions of a checkbook. And although it is primarily made to store a checkbook, it is common to also see compartments for bank cards, identity cards, passports, licenses or even registration cards in order to take everything with you of your important documents.

Should you match your checkbook holder to your bag?

Match your bag to yourlittle leather shop(wallet, purse, checkbook holder, etc.) is above all a matter of taste. However, you will find atHexagona plurality of leather goods lines including bags as well as small leather goods, enough to constitute harmonious and coherent assemblies. And even if some of our collections are solely dedicated to small leather goods, don't panic! It is common, even now trendy, to mismatch your favorite accessories.

Our advice for matching bag, wallet and checkbook holder: be sure to choose accessories from the same line, the same type of leather and/or the same color. The key is to create a red thread (or blue, green, black...) between each of your leather goods.