Maintenance tips

For a leather accessory

Your leather bag or wallet is as robust as it is fragile. It is therefore recommended to maintain them regularly to preserve them over time. Here are 3 steps to follow to restore your leather to its former glory:

Step 1: Clean

It is essential to start caring for your leather with the cleaning step, by choosing the product suited to the material:

  • For smooth leather: using a soft, slightly damp cloth, apply Marseille soap or make-up remover milk to the surface in circular movements.
  • For oily leather: clean the surface with soapy water.
  • For suede or nubuck: dust the surface with a soft brush.

Step 2: Feed

Nourishing the leather is essential to preserve its beauty. Over time, the material develops a natural patina, giving it that special character that we know.

Whatever the type of leather, it is important to nourish it with shoe polish or special leather moisturizing cream... or not. The moisturizer in your bathroom is just as effective.

Note: to nourish patent leather, apply a drop of cooking oil to the surface and dry it immediately.

Step 3: Protect

If cleaning and nourishing leather seems obvious, protecting the material is also an essential part of caring for an accessory.

Protecting leather starts with waterproofing it: to avoid rain stains, choose a waterproofing product that matches the type of your leather. Also protect it from the sun, heat and sebum as these promote depigmentation and the appearance of spots. Finally, take special care when storing your leather bag: when it is not in use, store your accessory in a fabric bag or pillowcase, and store it vertically on a flat, clean surface. Be careful never to hang it up, as it could become deformed.

For a canvas accessory

To clean a canvas bag, choose hand washing rather than the more aggressive machine.

For hand washing, follow the steps below:

1. Dust your bag by shaking it and/or using a dry cloth.

2. If there are stains, scrub the surface with a brush or soft cloth, Marseille soap and lukewarm water, then rinse with clean water.

3. Air dry your bag on a flat surface. It is not recommended to hang it with pins as it could become deformed.

For machine washing, follow the following recommendations:

- Choose a “hand wash” program.

- Remove the shoulder straps and accessories from the bag before putting it in the machine.

- Protect your bag with a mesh or pillowcase.

- Use a small amount of detergent and a short cycle.

- Do not wring your accessory in the machine, it may be damaged. Let it air dry.

For a nylon accessory

Nylon is a water-resistant material. However, be careful not to use water that is too hot, which could leave marks on the surface. Just like canvas, it is best to clean your nylon bag by hand. To do this, choose a “homemade” product to pre-wash your accessory; for example, mix a cup of cold water with 30 mL of dishwashing liquid. Then follow the steps below:

1. Rub the stains on the nylon surface using your “homemade” product and a toothbrush. Use circular movements, foam should form to eradicate the stains.

2. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

3. Dry by gently patting the nylon.

Please note: if your nylon bag has leather handles, wash it by hand. In fact, the handles must not be immersed in water; To clean them, rub them gently with a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover milk or shoe polish.

For machine washing, follow the advice below:

- Use a “cold wash” program.

- Use very little detergent (about half the amount usually used for a machine).

- Program a normal cycle, in the same way as for a clothing machine.

- To remove a greasy stain: if it has just been done, apply talcum powder or flour to absorb it. If it is an older stain, apply slightly damp Marseille soap, let it penetrate for an hour then rub, rinse and dry.

For a synthetic (or imitation leather) accessory

Synthetic bags require little maintenance. To clean your accessory, use a damp cloth with a little pH-neutral soap, then wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Never rub your synthetic bag, it could deteriorate.