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What to choose between a wrist strap pouch and a belt pouch?

Stop preconceived ideas:pouchesare not reserved for women. Small in size but big in style, they are nowleather goods accessoriesessential for men who love fashion. With their elegance, they can enhance a sober look while discreetly carrying your essentials. At the house ofHexagon, we offer two types of pouches: those with a strap, and those worn on a belt:

- Therewristlet pouch: similar in size to a reporter bag, thewristlet pouchis practical due to its square or rectangular format and its design. It can have one or two compartments with interior and exterior pockets to easily store your belongings. Its main advantage lies in the way it is worn; It is true that a pouch without a strap can easily be stolen or lost. With a wrist strap, your accessory can be hung on your wrist so it doesn't slip away. If you still want to keep your pouch in your hand, you can also remove the wrist strap since it is removable.

- Therebelt pouch: this is another way to wear your clutch: at the waist! Lighter and more compact than a traditional pouch, the belt pouch allows you to carry with you the bare essentials (papers, change, bank card, identity card, registration card, etc.), while keeping your hands free. Thanks to a specific loop at the back of the pouch, it clips onto your belt.

Focus on our flagship model: the République wristlet pouch

ThereRépublique lineembodies the heritage of French masculine elegance. OURleather wristlet pouchcollar vegetable cowhide thus gives pride of place to the nobility of the material, as well as a sober and refined design. Its ideal dimensions allow you to store your cell phone, but also your daily essentials (wallet,card holder,wallet, keys, identity papers, etc.) Note that the strap is removable to carry your pouch in your hand.