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Which wallet to choose?

Wallet,card holder,travel companion… Nowadays, theleather goodsmultiplies to make your life easier and offer you an accessory according to each of your needs. What if we went back to basics with thewallet, an everyday essential in a man's life? Although it often keeps a refined design to fulfill its initial function, the wallet now comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are some tips for choosing the accessory that will follow you wherever you go:

- The choice of material: leather remains the number one option when it comes to choosing the material of your wallet. Grained cowhide leather, buffalo grain, supple, oily or even aged, atHexagonwe offer you a variety of leathers to choose according to your tastes. Aged leather will, for example, be appreciated by vintage lovers, while grained or buffalo grain leather will appeal to aficionados of leathers with character.

- The choice of color: if black and brown are timeless in men's wardrobe, we invite you to opt for a colorful wallet if you like to add a touch of originality to your look. To maintain a certain elegance, however, sobriety is required: opt for shades of blue or dark green, or choose a two-tone model (blue/black for example) to perfect your outfit.

- The choice of shape: the standard shape of the wallet is often square. However, today there are an infinite number of designs: round, rectangular, oval... The shape of the purse actually depends on the ergonomics you want to give it. If you want to keep a classic shape, choose a square or rectangular model, closed with snap buttons. If you prefer vintage purses, opt for a rather round model with a zip closure. Finally, those who like elaborate designs will appreciate purses with more elaborate shapes (triangular, oval, etc.)

How to maintain a leather wallet?

Like any piece ofleather goods, the wallet can also be maintained to maintain all its beauty. Although it naturally develops a patina over time, you can actually take care of your favorite accessory by applying shoe polish or makeup remover milk with a soft cloth.