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The satchel, the vintage trend for men

In recent years, vintage has (re)established itself on the catwalks, both for women and men. Aged leather, retro style, old bags and clothing brought up to date... Fashion and leather goods from yesteryear are becoming trendy again. A typically vintage accessory? THEsatchel! Fans of preppy style or simple lovers of old school, it is made for you. This object, historically made of leather and used by schoolchildren, has gradually evolved to cross the barriers of school and become an accessory worn by adults. Today still made of leather to give character to a professional look, thesatchelis appreciated by businessmen for its ergonomics and elegance. Ideal for carrying computers, tablets, documents, A4 sheets and smartphones, it is available with one or more bellows depending on the desired volume. And if it is generally carried by hand, leather makers now add a removable adjustable strap to carry it on the shoulder and relieve your arm.

The history of Baisenville

THEbailenville, Orcity-fuck, is as evocative as its name… A piece of leather goods with sulphurous (and no less sexist) origins, it was reserved in the 1930s for men who spent a night “away from home”. Later, thebailenvilleleaves its alluring image to simply become a chic and practical little satchel again. And if it was somewhat abandoned by men in the 1950s, it made a strong comeback in the 1970s and then again in the 21st century. For years, fashion has actually liked to go back in time to give pride of place to vintage and old pieces. The Bainville is thus brought up to date for a sportswear style through new materials (nylon, synthetic), or worn in an eternally retro style in a leather version. Still in small size, the bainnville generally has a pocket on the front, a flap and a removable shoulder strap to alternate between carried in the hand and worn across the body.