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The History of the tote bag

Less bulky than atravel bag, more ergonomic than ahandbag, THEtote bagor “tote bag” (“bag that we carry around” in English) is the descendant of the wicker basket that was once used to transport crops from the field. Initially worn by men, it was once particularly appreciated by British postal workers who used a leather shopping bag for its comfortable handles and its ideal volume for carrying newspapers. From the 20th century, women took over the tote bag to gradually make it a fashion object thanks to increasingly lighter materials (canvas) and its flat shape. Like the singer and actress Jane Birkin in the 1980s, women of all ages and from all backgrounds now carry the tote bag on a daily basis, a practical and aesthetic “tote” “for women and mothers”.

Which shopping bag to choose for going to class/the office?

Beyond its aesthetic function offashion accessory, the tote bag can become an ideal professional or school object. Less formal than a classic briefcase, it has all the makings of a business model that combines fashion and practicality. To be at your best at university or the office, choose a model with an ergonomic format (A4, 13, 15 or 17 inch computer, tablet, etc.) and with multiple pockets to hold your belongings safely. Despite the weight of your computer equipment, the large handles of your tote bag will help relieve your shoulder. Opt for a nylon model if you want to clean it easily, and for aleather bagif you want to keep it lengthwise.

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