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What are the different types of tablet compatible bags?

At a time when the eternal paper and pen are being replaced by various digital tools, the tablet has become a practical and lightweight essential for personal but also professional use. If you are one of those who take it everywhere, you will probably need a suitable bag to protect it. Discover the different types oftablet compatible modelsavailable from Hexagona:

- Theresatchel: whether it is a classic model or agame bag, the bag is a simple and effective alternative for carrying your tablet. Lighter in synthetic material, more robust in leather, it allows you to carry your digital accessory easily thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap.

- The reporter bag: between the briefcase and the bag, the reporter bag is ideal for carrying only the essentials. It can be carried by hand or across the chest, and can be more or less bulky depending on the number of padded compartments (tablet but also smartphone, documents, etc.)

- The single-strap bag: the single-strap bag oscillates between the fanny pack and the satchel. Ergonomic because it is carried crosswise, it is perfect for bike or scooter users, or for those who simply want to be free to move around during their journeys.

- THEbriefcase: although it is used more for carrying computers, files and other papers, the briefcase also has a specific padded compartment for your tablet. The opportunity to store all your professional essentials in one place!

- THEbackpack: it is the modern version ofschool bagsand other briefcases. Less formal than other business bags, the backpack allows you to take your tablet in any situation, whatever the style you wear (casual, sportswear, trendy, chic, etc.)

Focus on Partner, the ideal professional partner

Partner is one of Hexagona's emblematic lines. Made from matte synthetic-filled nylon, its products are water-repellent thanks to a special treatment of the material. Partner offers a variety of functional and modern professional bags; among them, the bagpostponeand thesingle strap bagwill be adequate to transport your tablet safely.