Travel bags & Accessories

The travel bag will be the best ally for your short or long getaways and will go a long way with you!
Robust in leather or light in nylon, it allows you to carry what you need thanks to its large format, its functional compartments and its additional pockets. 

Special mention to the toilet bag matching the travel bag, THE chic and practical detail of your trip alone or accompanied. 

Adventurer or trendy, all you have to do is choose the bag you like to stand out!

Whether you're looking for short weekends rather than long journeys, planes rather than trains and lounging rather than hiking, there's only one word: disconnect! But before you can get your toes in a fan on the beach (or in moonboots in the mountains), you'll need to check your luggage. While the suitcase is practical for long-distance travel, the travel bag is the perfect ally for short jaunts with friends or family. But what material should you choose?

What material should you choose for a travel bag?

At Hexagona, we offer travel bags, wash bags and make-up bags in nylon or leather. We advise you to choose your accessories according to their use (and your taste, of course).

If you're looking for a sportswear-style travel bag that's easy to carry, opt for a nylon model. This lightweight, maneuverable and foldable synthetic textile fiber allows you to carry your travel bag with ease, even if it's quite full, and then store it neatly. In addition, nylon is particularly appreciated for its ease of care: to clean it, simply pat the surface of your travel bag with a damp cloth and neutral soap, then wipe dry. Finally, when treated with the right products, nylon is a water-repellent material that protects your belongings from the elements.

Our tip: choose a nylon travel bag with leather handles. They won't crumble as quickly as fabric handles and will guarantee superior quality over time.

If you prefer to opt for sturdy, elegant models, turn to a cowhide leather travel bag. Although a little heavier when empty, leather travel bags are friends for (almost) life, thanks to their sturdy, aesthetic material: leather develops a patina over time, adding character and style over the years. 

To take care of your accessory, clean it regularly with a soft cloth and cleansing milk or make-up remover to nourish the leather.

Our advice: if you're carrying a hand-held travel bag, opt for a model with a removable shoulder strap, so you can take the strain off your arm and carry it on your shoulder.

Focus on Pop travel bags

Best-sellers among shoulder bagsPop models are also best-sellers among travel bags. Their strong point? Their water-repellent nylon, streamlined design and variety of colors. The Pop collection includes three travel bag models of varying sizes, and two wash and make-up bag models.