In a woman's wardrobe, the bag is an essential asset to enhance an outfit. 

Looking for a bag to travel, study, work or accompany you in your daily life? 

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A bag for every woman

Once a purely utilitarian accessory, the bag is now an essential part of any look. More or less trendy, it almost becomes a design object thanks to its technical construction and modularity. And while some see the bag as a simple everyday ally, others see it as a real object of desire. That's right! Both in fashion history and in today's pop culture, the bag seems to reflect a personality, a style and a history. Despite this, it's sometimes hard to decide between the many designs on offer. Leather or synthetic? Colorful or plain? Large or small? How do you decide which one you're going to wear for (almost) the rest of your life?

Choose according to use

Combining fashion and practicality: that could be the motto of a bag. And for good reason: a bag should be chosen according to its intended use. Are you looking for an ergonomic accessory to carry your office stuff (computer, documents, tablet...)? Choose a briefcase or a trendy business bag. Looking for a fashionable bag to liven up your outfits? You'll fall for a clutch or a shoulder bag! Planning a romantic getaway? A travel bag or backpack will be your best companion. There's a bag for every situation! And don't forget to take material into account: a leather bag will always be more robust than a canvas or nylon bag when it comes to carrying heavy or bulky items. Nylon, on the other hand, is perfect for use in bad weather, thanks to its water-repellent treatment.

Choosing according to body shape

Often associated with clothing, morphology should also be taken into account when choosing a bag. If you're slim, a baguette bag will flatter your silhouette, rather than a large model that will emphasize your small size. If you're curvy, a handbag or shoulder bag will enhance your curves, while a backpack will add volume.

Choosing by color

A practical bag is good, a practical bag that suits your taste is even better! Subjective as it may be, the choice of color is essential for fashionistas. The timeless black and brown remain the number one choices: the former will appeal because it's easy to match, the latter will appeal to the natural elegance of leather. But as with clothing, anything goes when it comes to leather goods! Pop, bright colors (light green, baby blue, yellow, red...) for summer, neutral, sober colors (navy blue, emerald green, gray...) for winter, choose your bag according to the season... but above all according to your preferences :-)