Starting signal ! In 2023, heading for adventure

2023 is around the corner and the time to make good resolutions has finally arrived. What if you started this new year by breaking the routine? Looking for a great escape or small emotions, pack your bags: it's time to go on an adventure !

Adventurer for a day...

Would you rather stay in a hotel than bivouac in the countryside? Chic and casual look than hiking outfit? Your best ally for traveling will definitely be a leather accessory that combines elegance and practicality.

Ideal for preparing for your vacation in the snow or in the sun, the travel bag is essential. Thanks to its large format and numerous interior compartments, you can easily carry all your personal belongings. With so much storage, packing becomes child's play!

Are you traveling for business? There game bag is a companion of choice for you. Thanks to its shoulder strap and multiple compartments, carrying computers and documents has never been so simple and secure. You can now move around with your eyes (almost) closed...

...or lifelong globetrotter?

For you, adventurers at heart, escape means great thrills. During your excursions, you like to be free, without worrying about losing or damaging your belongings. In short, you expect your accessories to be as practical as they are ergonomic… but also aesthetic.

Whatever its material or color, the backpack remains a must-have for all fans of long-distance wanderings. Thanks to its horizontal format and its numerous pockets, it's easy to store all your travel essentials! In terms of design, shoulder bags and fanny packs stand out: they protect your small everyday objects while leaving you free to move around. So, what will be your choice?

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