Sportswear: what if you did some... style exercises?

What if you slowly prepared for the start of the school year? If you are more of a fanny pack than a shoulder bag, this item is for you. When fashion rhymes with sport: zoom on the sportswear , a trend that’s not so young anymore…

A little history

Sportswear , what is it? Simply the contraction of two words (“ sport ” and “ wear” , “to wear” in English) to designate “sports or sports style clothing”, according to the Encyclopaedia Universalis. This fashion concept is part of the athleisure trend which aims to wear sports clothing (joggings, sweatshirts, bras, etc.) on a daily basis, outside of sporting activities.

Sportswear appeared in Europe after the Second World War. The constraints linked to the practice of sports of the time are felt; new equipment is then designed so that athletes are more comfortable in their clothing and are no longer hampered in their performance.
In 1920, the Chanel and Patou houses became precursors of a trend that would become a fashion statement : they launched “casual” fashion and presented in their fashion shows pullovers, cardigans and other sweatshirts, freeing women from their shackles. – and her corsets. Patou, for example, dressed the tennis player Suzanne Lenglen in her “couture” tennis shorts to ignore the unconditional long, then pleated, skirts of the time. Sportswear continued to develop in the 1950s: sportswear was then seen as elegant pieces (crocodile polo shirt, dress and white “tennis” sneakers, etc.) and continued to contribute to the emancipation of women. During this period, new sports such as surfing, skateboarding, jogging and fitness emerged, encouraged by the arrival of Lycra, an innovative material that was as comfortable as it was elastic to create suitable clothing. In the 1970s, the practice of sport became more democratic, notably through other socio-cultural trends, such as hip-hop; Nike took the sneaker away from the basketball courts to make it a casual fashion item, and the tracksuit, initially worn to cover the sports outfit before the competition, became legion for the fashionistas of the time. However, beyond sport, "fashion designers are deconstructing and adapting the traditional image of sportswear, to better suggest a certain ideal of youth and vitality in daily life", according to the British author and fashion consultant. Marnie Fogg.

So, sportswear, a simple lesson in style, or a real makeover?

Sportswear and fashion

More than a passing trend, sportswear has established itself over the years as a style in its own right. In 2023, it is thus perceived as an oldschool ode to the 1980s/90s, periods during which sportswear was at its peak.

But concretely, how to adopt the sportswear style? Nothing could be simpler: add a sporty touch to your casual outfit with dad shoes (read, XXL size sneakers), a biker or a polo shirt. For the more daring, you can take the sport/fashion marriage to the extreme: mix jogging pants with a handbag , combine a dress with sneakers , add a bomber jacket to a skater skirt... Also sprinkle your look with American influences through University sweatshirts (it's time to bring out your high school BDE sweater!) or message t-shirts. As for accessories, bet on the proliferation of jewelry ( oversized hoop earrings, multiple necklaces and rings, etc.) and nylon and/or waterproof backpacks or shoulder bags .

So ! You are ready to do some… style exercises!

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