Convertible bag: when leather goods are transformed

And if you no longer had to choose... It's possible with the transformable bag ! Open the zipper, attach the straps and adjust their length: here are the backpacks or handbags you need. With the convertible bag, combine fashion, modularity and originality!

Playful leather goods

Just like fashion, leather goods are today a fabulous playground for designers. Shapes, colors, materials… Nothing is left to chance and all ideas are allowed to shake up the codes. Leather goods sometimes even transform into real engineering objects through futuristic materials (stretch leathers, vegan materials, glass, etc.), surprising shapes or even modular designs. Spotlight on these latest fun models that defy the laws of practicality... and fashion!

Practical leather goods

Although it is fun, modular leather goods are above all practical. Multi-functional, it adapts to your schedule and the different situations encountered during your day. Need space and an ergonomic fit to go to the office? Modulate your convertible bag so that it becomes a backpack . After your work day, you want to carry a casual bag – but there is no time to change! – Don’t panic: unhook a strap, adjust the straps and here you are with a shoulder bag . Almost instantly, your favorite companion takes the form you desire. With it, you can change your look in the blink of an eye. A real chameleon, this transformable bag!

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