What are the trendy colors for spring-summer 2023?

Zoom on the colors to adopt for this spring-summer 2023! What colors graced the catwalks this season? What tones should we tame for our summer looks? Follow the guide: we tell you everything in this article!

Jade green

Jade green is so called by its shades of light pistachio green, slightly turquoise, in reference to the eponymous mineral, Jade. Particularly used in the fields of fashion and decoration, jade green is one of the trendy colors for this spring-summer 2023. With the softness of its tones, this color soothes and brings originality to your most beautiful outfits. It goes perfectly with bohemian looks (long dresses, crochet tops, knitted tops, etc.) and brightens up a sober outfit when used in touches, through accessories for example. Eh yes ! Worn on a bag or small leather goods, jade green becomes the charming asset of your look. On a nylon shoulder bag , it gives it a sportswear effect, while on a handbag , it gives it a touch of elegance.

Wear (green) jade, you will be even more precious...

The Lilac

Lilac is as sweet as the purple flower from which it takes its name. A symbol of sensuality, purity and harmony, it brings a peaceful atmosphere to the rooms it decorates and a delicate touch to the objects it enhances. Already a star in Pantone for spring-summer 2022, lilac retains its favorite place this season. The reason ? Certainly its ease of wearing: less garish than fuchsia, more original than pink, lilac goes just as well with a refined look as with an eccentric outfit. Combine it with neutral tones (beige, gray, white, etc.) for a refined effect, and accessorize a masculine look with a bag or small lilac leather goods to add a little softness.

Our advice: to properly highlight your lilac clothes or bag, mix them with yellow pieces. Complementary, yellow and lilac enhance each other… and transform your look into a jewel of beauty – and fashion –!

Orange “Iced Mango”

That's a funny name! “ Iced mango” is the name of the new Pantone orange of the season. An orange color with fruity and tropical notes, iced mango graces the spring-summer 2023 catwalks and takes the form of supercharged clothing and bags. Iced mango will be your best ally this summer: it will bring a breath of fresh air to your casual chic evening outfits. Dare to go for a total look: on a suit or a long satin dress, iced mango will surprise many. The most shy among us will prefer to wear this bright orange sparingly on accessories ( shoulder bag , fanny pack , wallet , etc.) or jewelry (earrings, ring, etc.). One thing is certain, that it is on small or supermarkets, the orange iced mango will not leave anyone indifferent…


It is rumored that beige is the new white... And for good reason! Beige is a bit of a fashion outsider : categorized as a neutral color, we often forget its elegance. However, it takes – with a bang – its favorite place in the trendy colors of spring-summer 2023! A new obsession with decoration (especially with confinement and the search for an ever more cozy interior) and fashion, beige is establishing itself as a do to follow for the summer. With its comforting and enveloping tones, beige reassures and is available both on large knits (pull-overs, crochet tops), and on small, light pieces (plain cotton t-shirts, underwear, lace, etc.). ) Sophisticated, beige brings elegance and sobriety, and counterbalances colorful looks with its neutrality.

Our tip : create harmonious looks by combining beige with other pastels (lilac, lavender, powder pink, etc.) or by wearing shades of beige on two-material pieces. Twice as much beige, for twice as softness!

Magenta pink

We end on a high note with THE color of the season, voted “color of the year 2023” by Pantone: “Viva Magenta”! Neither hot nor cold, this magenta is closer to pink than purple. Vibrant, it is part of the #barbiecore trend popularized by TikTok fashionistas , whose credo is simple: wear pink, pink and more pink! Exit sexist prejudices around the blonde-haired doll: embracing your femininity and 100% girly looks is (finally!) necessary to stick with the trend.

Psst! Breaking news , pink is not just for girls: when it comes to fashion, there is only one rule, yours. So gentlemen, treat yourself and see life in pink too.