New Year 2024: 3 looks to end the year in style

The end of the year is approaching! It's time to take stock, make good resolutions... but above all, celebrate. If you need inspiration to find your (last) evening outfit, we give you some ideas to shine. 3, 2, 1, here we go to end the year… in style.

For a basic chic New Year’s Eve: black monochrome

If you like looks made up of chic basics, go for the unbeatable total black look. Whether you put on a sexy chic little dress or an elegant boyish suit, one thing is certain: you will be in style! The golden rule for making a difference in the midst of all these black monochromes? The accessories. Dare to wear XXL earrings, glitter shoes, an amazing manicure and a handbag shiny ( shoulder strap or carried in the hand preferably) to add a hint of fantasy to your outfit. As for make-up , enhance your total look with a smoky eye and a nude mouth, or on the contrary choose sober shades for a luminous effect.

For a shiny effect New Year’s Eve: the sequin assumed

For you, New Year's Eve means party favors, champagne, wild dancing and evening wear. Glitter, glitter , lamé, vinyl… So it has to shine! For our part, we opt for sequins: stars of the Fashion Week 2023 catwalks, they are timeless staples in a party wardrobe. Adored in the 1990s, they are back in force at the end of the year to add a fun and quirky touch to your New Year's outfit . Pants, skirts, dresses, tops... Sequins are found everywhere, in total looks or sparingly. Our advice for wearing sequins without turning yourself into a disco ball – which would nevertheless be appropriate –: balance your outfit with a small bag and plain black or white pumps.

For a soft & smooth New Year’s Eve: a touch of feathers

Already popular on the fashion scene in 2022, feathers are still just as trendy in December 2023. To enter the new year with lightness, adorn yourself with your most beautiful feathered attire! On a top paired with fitted pants, or on a dress to recall the Roaring Twenties, feathers will enhance your silhouette with originality and sensuality. If you prefer a more sober version, opt for a long-sleeved top with feathers on only the cuffs. As for accessories, opt for plain colors and small formats ( clutch , baguette bag , choker necklace, etc.) to avoid the too much effect. Come on, it's time to (again) bring out your feather stuff!