New look, new bag: every style has its own accessory

At the end of winter, the days are starting to get longer, the birds are getting ready to sing and, after the sales, your wardrobe is full to the brim… Enough to change your style from head to toe! Need help finding THE bag that will match your new wardrobe?...

Boyish look: fashion combined with masculine

“Masculine-feminine”, “ tomboy ”, “tomboy”… There are many synonyms to define this clothing style which breaks gender codes. Introduced in the 19th century in England with the first women's suits, then established as the signature of Yves Saint Laurent in 1966 with the iconic women's tuxedo, the boyish style spans the ages and appeals to fans of comfortable outfits full of character.

The recipe for a successful look? Combine a suit set and ranger shoes, or an oversized trench coat, pleated pants and dad shoes. Don't hesitate to borrow Monsieur's shirt to perfect your outfit! As for bags, opt for a model that will give you freedom of movement, such as a backpack or a shoulder bag . Choose it in neutral colors (black, gray, taupe, beige) to accentuate the genderless effect and in leather to add a touch of elegance, or in Nylon for a sportswear effect.

That’s it, you can now sing like Mylène: “Without counterfeiting, I am a boy”…

Casual chic look: comfort with style

The casual chic style is certainly the easiest to wear since it adapts to (almost) all situations. As the name suggests, it encompasses “casual yet elegant” looks that will accompany you both at work and at home. Yes, no offense to the most extravagant among us, the watchword is less is more !

For a formal casual chic look, take inspiration from the “Parisian” wardrobe of Jeanne Damas or Jane Birkin: you will find timeless basics like jeans, white t-shirts, blazers, total black looks, tennis shoes white, ballerinas (yes, yes, they are coming back in force!)

The secret: favor noble materials (linen, silk, cotton, leather) and a strong piece to upgrade your outfit. For example, choose a handbag or a crossbody bag in leather, with elaborate colors or design, to twist your look in complete sobriety.

Glamorous look: subtle charm

“Suggest without revealing too much” could be the motto for a glamorous look. It's time for seduction: put on your most beautiful attire with this little “je ne sais quoi” that will make them all fall in love!

Choose an outfit that highlights your figure and in which you feel comfortable. Exit the tight dress/pumps cliché: anything goes to make you feel sexy! Show off your pretty legs with a slit skirt and sneakers, mark your waist with a belt, dare to wear a neckline or a crop top with jeans... Our advice: opt for fabrics as glamorous as your look: soft materials (satin, silk) , openwork (lace), sheers… everything is good to reveal your sensuality.

Finally, brighten up your outfit with gold jewelry and a bag full of femininity, like a clutch or a baguette bag (the top trend to get for the summer).
The little extra? The matching bag/small leather goods combo. The must-have of elegance!

Sportswear look: sports fashion

Sportswear ? This is a trend that has been taking hold on the fashion scene for several years! Even more so with the resounding return of the 1990s: Millennials (re)gain power and revive their wardrobe inspired by athleisure , this crossover (of styles) between “athletic” fashion and “leisure” fashion.

We'll explain! Swap your denim shorts for biker shorts (or peach skin jogging pants), your little top for an oversized sweatshirt and your pair of sneakers for vintage sneakers . Then enhance your outfit with a sleeveless denim jacket, flashy jewelry, and a fanny pack or shoulder bag : voila!

Back to basics!

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