Leather goods 3.0: technology at your fingertips

Between business trips and weekend outings with friends, your daily life reflects who you are: modern and dynamic. What if, to accompany you in all your adventures, you opted for leather goods that suit you? Follow the leader !

Focus on ergonomics and safety

Do you have several lives in a day? Do you want to optimize your time and go to your various activities with a light mind? Today's leather goods are made for you! Hybrid, it combines professional and personal spaces in a single volume to follow the rhythm of your daily life. His plus? It ensures the protection of your most fragile belongings thanks to the know-how of its manufacturing.

Whether in terms of the process or the materials used, all means are deployed to preserve your belongings. Technical textiles, like water-repellent fabrics, will be your best allies in the event of unexpected bad weather. To prevent potential shocks, the designs are always more clever: padded compartments, A4 or 13 , 15 and 17 inch formats , trolley passage, interior pockets... Each part of your bag is cleverly designed to accommodate computers, tablets, phones and other equipment technology in complete safety.

Make your mobility easier

By public transport, by car, or even by bike or on foot... You need models adapted to your travels. Even more so if you telework from time to time and take your documents with you. You expect your leather goods to be as flexible and mobile as you are. Your best partners for transporting your equipment to the four corners of France? An ultra-functional reporter bag , satchel or briefcase . Thanks to their adjustable shoulder straps, padded handles and reinforced shoulder straps, no more back pain and bruised shoulders after a day of traveling. For a sportswear look, choose them in Nylon, a handy and light material; choose the leather version for an elegant and structured look.

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