Professional look: go for a fashionable touch!

What if we dispelled prejudices about professional leather goods? No more grandfather's briefcases, today business bags are as trendy as they are practical. Backpacks, shoulder bags or even briefcases: everyone has their own model for going to the office... But always with flying colors!

Combining fashion and efficiency

Let it be said, in the collective imagination, professional leather goods resemble the History teacher's outdated satchel more than the charming businessman 's briefcase. Oops ! We forget our prejudices: we show you here that business bags now combine trend and efficiency in a perfect way.

It's no secret: vintage is coming back into fashion, to the delight of fashionistas of yesterday and today. It's time to bring out your briefcases and leather briefcases ! Thanks to these accessories full of character, professional leather goods are reborn from their ashes to become a true fashion object.

For a 100% vintage look, opt for the satchel- style briefcase or the leather game bag . Their natural character will give your professional outfit all its letters of nobility. For a more trendy look, opt for models with modern designs: backpack, shoulder bag, tote bag... business bags are gradually erasing their professional function to become fashionable bags. They nevertheless retain their multi-functional attributes: thanks to their specific dimensions, they can transport A4 format documents or electronic objects (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) without losing their aesthetic design.
The height of chic in our opinion? Pair your business bag with your speaker . In a meeting, on the train or on the plane, this accessory brings together your essentials thanks to its ergonomic design. Slots for notepads and pens, integrated card holder, secure pockets for computer, tablet or phone... everything is designed to take notes quickly... with elegance!

Choosing the right professional leather goods

To choose your professional leather goods, our first advice would be to recommend quality materials to carry your equipment safely. A leather bag will therefore be more durable over time than a synthetic material bag. However, the latter will be preferred if you prefer to emphasize style rather than functionality: here again, no limits to creativity. Colors, patterns, designs… Anything goes in terms of originality!

Then choose your professional bag according to its use. Models combining fashion and business have the advantage of being able to adapt according to your activities. From a professional accessory, your bag can be transformed into a fashion bag to end the day in style! To do this, also pay attention to how your accessory is worn: a handbag will be preferred for traveling on foot while a shoulder strap model will be the perfect ally for users by bike, scooter or metro. If you prefer to compartmentalize your private and professional lives, focus on specific leather goods for the office (A4, 13, 15 or 17 inch formats, tablet, etc.). Be careful, however, to choose it carefully if you obtain it via the Internet: it is sometimes difficult to realize the real depth of a bag through a screen, especially if you have to place equipment with specific dimensions. Last recommendation: the choice of a business bag must also be made according to your body type. Very large bags do not flatter all figures! But we can never repeat it enough: in fashion, there is only one rule, yours!

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