Once upon a time... The fanny pack

Iconic object of the 1980s, then a tacky symbol of tourists of the time, the fanny pack has spanned the ages to be today an accessory that is as practical as it is elegant. Between sportswear trend and fashion object, let us tell you the story… of the fanny pack...

A little history

If you think that the fanny pack was born in the 1980s, you are (almost) wrong... The beginnings of this iconic accessory actually date back to 3300 BC: already at this period, men wore goatskins around the waist. size to carry small items. Later, in 1907, the ethnologist Edward Curtis photographed Apaches and Comanches in America wearing curious buffalo skin bags, and cowboys storing their pistols in holsters that were precursors to fanny packs.

However, it was in the 20th century that the banana really made its appearance. In 1954, the American magazine “Sport Illustrated” highlighted skiers wearing fanny packs: it appeared to be the ideal accessory for athletes who needed to have their hands free when practicing their activity.

The fanny pack and fashion

Initially a favorite accessory for athletes, the fanny pack became accessible to the general public in the 1980s. So called in French for its elongated shape, the fanny pack is called “Fanny pack” or “bumbag” in British slang. The most bilingual among you will have understood the meaning of this somewhat irreverent translation: for the English, the banana is a “butt bag” that is worn at the waist… above the private parts. But whatever its name, the fanny pack is emulated all over the world: a flagship object of the “decade of sportswear” , it is worn by both women and men who wear it in saturated, even garish, colors , and technical subjects.

The fanny pack lost its luster from the 2000s: in the era of “bling” and more minimalist fashion, it is now perceived as a tacky accessory. But it is well known that fashion is a perpetual new beginning… The fanny pack resurfaced in the 2010s through the “beautiful ugly” trend: renowned designers made it a chic and attractive object thanks to shimmering colors, delicate chains in leather or metal or even high-end materials. The year 2017 particularly marks the return of cool and practical vintage : the banana redesigns its smile and is definitively reborn from its ashes in maxi formats. It is becoming the prerogative of clubbers thanks to its practical and stylish design, and is no longer necessarily attached to the waist but slung across the torso or shoulder.