In May, carry the travel bag you like!

What if you took advantage of the long weekends in May to get some fresh air? Between large tote bags, toiletry bags, backpacks or travel bags, grab your passport, it's time to pack your bags!

The shopping bag for a weekend in Rome

For you, escape rhymes with city walks and visits to historical monuments. A perfect program for long weekends: what if it was an opportunity to discover European capitals?

For luggage, don't worry: travel light! Whether you are traveling by plane, train or car, the goal is not to take up too much space but to take what you need for a few days away from home.
As such, the perfect ally is the tote bag for women, and the “weekend” travel bag for men.

Easy to wear, these two models are essential for short getaways; the first combines maneuverability and protection thanks to its large handles and its water-repellent material. Even if it remains a city bag, the tote bag is an ideal asset in case of bad weather... The medium-sized travel bag is an essential for city backpackers: its sportswear aesthetic and the depth of its compartments make it a fashionable AND practical accessory. Who says better ?

The backpack for hiking in the Alps

Ah the great outdoors, the mountains, the rural valleys... What if you went green? This is an idea that will delight climbing and hiking enthusiasts.

For you, having your hands free and carrying your equipment is essential during a weekend getaway. The backpack thus reveals itself as the best traveling companion! Beyond being ergonomic by being worn on your back, it allows you to store your essentials (and your snack) without overloading you... and with style!

Little fashion tip : for summer, adopt backpacks in bright colors (yellow, orange, green, light blue, etc.) to dress up your hiking outfit. Choose synthetic materials (nylon) or even technical materials ( waterproof fabric ) which are easily cleaned and resistant to bad weather, rather than leather which can be fragile for this type of excursion.

The travel bag for relaxing in Marbella

Caught in the tumult of daily life, you dream of only one thing: taking a break in the sun, facing the sea, surrounded by your loved ones. It's time to disconnect and enjoy! Goodbye to everyday life and its mental load; It's time to pack your bags!

No need to think about stylish outfits for the office anymore, grab swimsuits and pareos for your wild evenings... But it's hard to choose between this trendy little dress, your favorite shirt and casual cargo... Don't panic: your entire wardrobe will fit in a travel bag , the iconic piece of leather goods for any escape lover.

If you want to invest in a robust model that will last over time, choose leather travel bags rather than synthetic material. In addition to being elegant, they will guarantee you a number of escapades thanks to their XXL format and their super resistant material. A timeless one!

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