Endlessly ! Once upon a time... The belt

Initially a decorative accessory, the belt has gradually evolved to become the utilitarian fashion object that we know. Between prehistoric origins and arrival on the podiums, let us tell you the story… of the belt!

A little history

What if we told you that the belt has its origins in the prehistoric era... Would you believe it? However, we date the appearance of this accessory between -2100 years and -750 BC! Already at that time, women and men “girded” their waists with a piece of leather to hold their clothes in place. This was simply closed with a knot, without a buckle. From this moment, the belt gradually developed, and was worn more or less depending on the era.
In the Middle Ages, for example, the belt was particularly the prerogative of women, then becoming the flagship object of cowboys of the Far West who used it to carry their weapons.

Since its appearance, the function of the belt has been constantly called into question; between the end of the 19th century and the First World War, it was above all a decorative object of the military uniform, beyond its practical aspect (maintaining the clothing). Eh yes ! By cinching their waist with a belt, fighters give the illusion of being stronger with wider shoulders and a slimmer torso. Until 1920, the belt was purely decorative and reserved for certain trades; it later becomes the everyday object that we know, oscillating between aesthetic fashion accessory and utilitarian object.

The belt and fashion

From the 1920s, the belt was adorned with its most beautiful finery to become a sophisticated and unique accessory. At this time, ornaments also betray the social status of the person wearing it: the more valuable they are (precious stones), the greater the social rank. Beyond its aesthetic and practical aspects, the belt is also evolving in terms of its manufacturing. Highly prized for its robustness and authentic charm, leather, particularly cowhide, has always been the preferred material for leatherworkers. The quality of a leather belt is found in the details (stitched rather than glued finishes for better retention of the buckle) and today, the belt is a fashion accessory in its own right. Trendy colors, natural or synthetic materials (polyester), buckle sizes: your belt takes the shape you want. However, be careful to choose the buckle carefully, which can be decisive in giving an outfit the desired effect. For example, a large curl is less subtle than a smaller one and can break up your silhouette. One last tip so that your belt is THE chic detail of your look: choose the size of your belt carefully. You should be able to close the loop at the middle hole (often the 3rd out of 5 holes), without forcing!