How to dress for a ceremony?

The wedding and baptism season is open! But how do you dress to be both chic and casual during these big events? We give you some ideas to find THE outfit that will light up the evening…

Respect the dress code

Whether you are invited to a wedding, a baptism, a Bar Mitzvah or any other event, you may have received instructions regarding the dress code to follow. Color, theme... If your hosts want to impose a dress code, you must stick to it (even if powder pink or country style are not usually your allies). If it is a wedding, it goes without saying that white should be avoided since it is reserved for the queen of the party: the bride! The same goes for black, associated with mourning, which we prefer to put aside for the duration of the ceremony.

Another rule: this type of event often takes place in places of worship, which are sometimes governed by standards of decorum. To avoid any discomfort in the assembly, find out beforehand about the codes of good conduct specific to the place: bare shoulders, necklines, short dresses, (too) open shirts, etc. are sometimes frowned upon during these religious ceremonies.

In any case, whatever celebration you are invited to, elegance is essential: your hosts will appreciate that their guests look their best during their event. So, play the game!

Be chic without overdoing it

For this ceremony, the idea is not to steal the spotlight from the star of the day (the bride for example) but to be chic without overdoing it. And to be elegant, two options are available to you.

Option number 1: you opt for a sober outfit (for example, plain), or even casual chic , because you want to be able to easily change your look after the party. Then focus on the details and accessories to dress up your outfit: gold jewelry, perfect manicure, matching shoes and belt, original bag in shape or color... Everything is allowed to brighten up your look (and the evening).

Option number 2: you prefer to do the opposite and choose an outfit especially for this occasion: lace, frills and other ruffles! Then adopt sober accessories, without embellishment, to lighten your look; black, white or neutral clutch and shoes, discreet jewelry and light makeup are recommended.

No matter which option you choose, the bottom line is this: think about clothes you're comfortable in. The ceremonies are often long and full of twists and turns, so your look must follow you throughout. Be careful, for example, of very high and/or thin heels if you are not used to wearing them, or of new leather shoes which could become your best enemies on the dancefloor !

To be at the top of elegance, choose noble materials (linen, satin, silk, etc.) which will, by their nature, give a refined appearance to your outfit, and pastel or even downright flashy colors to bring cheerfulness to the ceremony . Extravagances are obviously permitted, but with distinction: Ladies, if you don't like wearing a dress, consider a pantsuit or Bermuda shorts. The height of masculine-feminine chic, it becomes more than charming when combined with a pair of pumps and a baguette or handbag . Gentlemen, say goodbye to the 3-piece “cafe waiter” suit: today, it is reinvented through patterned fabrics (houndstooth, Prince of Wales, checks, etc.) and ever more original colors. If you prefer a more sober version, replace the basic black with an ultra-trendy navy blue or pine green. Finally, twist your suit with a bow tie or tie (take advantage of it, it's making a comeback!), and a leather wristlet clutch .

Come on, let's party!

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