How to carry the backpack?

The backpack is the fashion basic to have in your wardrobe. Beyond its ever more sophisticated design, it now adapts to both your personal and professional life. Who said it was reserved for men or for sports use? In leather or nylon, colored or plain, discover our special selection and...

The backpack for going to town

The backpack is adorned with its most beautiful finery to walk the streets of the city with you (or the country paths, that works too!) In this case it is a real fashion object: thanks to its elaborate design (finishes neat, noble materials) or its trendy colors, the city backpack is as aesthetic as it is practical.

For women , it can be worn with very feminine looks (vaporous dress, short skirt, skinny jeans with heels, etc.) as well as with masculine-feminine ensembles. For men , it is chosen in leather or with clean lines to give character to the silhouette.

Whatever it is, whether in one or the other wardrobe, the city backpack is now THE centerpiece of your wardrobe!

The backpack to go to the office

Always popular with athletes for carrying their equipment, the backpack is now also appreciated by business(wo)men, particularly for its format and volume. The backpack indeed attracts workers with the depth of its compartments; all the more so when it is a model designed especially for professional activity. We now findA4 formats , tablets and computers , perfect for (tele)working, wherever you are! And of course, if these designs are designed to accommodate all your personal belongings, they are also designed to protect them. Robust leather, waterproof nylon, padded compartments... Choice of materials and manufacturing are implemented so that you can be assured of having your belongings safe. And in style please!

The backpack to go everywhere, all the time

Backpack ? Shoulder bag? Handbag? What if we told you “all three at once”? Yes, yes, we assure you, it’s possible with the convertible bag ! It is the solution to all your hesitations: with the wave of a magic wand (or adjustable straps), your bag takes the shape you want. No need to choose anymore, the convertible bag offers you the practicality of a backpack combined with the aesthetics of a bag worn on the shoulder or in the hand. His plus? Thanks to its modularity, matching it with your outfits becomes child's play since it adapts to all situations of your day. As a daytime backpack for work, it becomes a more dressy handbag for an evening. A little gem of technology (and leather goods) to offer you urgently!

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