How to take care of your beach bag?

Who says summer vacation, says overloaded beach bag – you have to take the sunscreen, the ball, the crosswords … – But between the sea salt, the spilled sunscreen oil and the crushed snack, a stain is sometimes arriving very quickly! Don't panic: we'll give you some tips for taking...

Caring for a canvas bag

Shopping bag , totebag , convertible bag ... Whatever its nature, the canvas bag is essential for a trip to the beach thanks to its bulky format and its large handles. But how do you clean a canvas bag after an afternoon lazing in the sun?

First tip to remember: if you can, always prefer hand washing rather than the more aggressive machine. To do this :

Step 1

Dust your bag by shaking it and/or using a dry cloth.

2nd step

If there are stains (from sunscreen or melted chocolate cookies, for example): rub them with a brush or soft cloth, Marseille soap and lukewarm water. Then rinse with clean water.

Step 3

Clean your bag completely.

Step 4

Let your bag air dry on a flat surface. Do not hang it with pins, it could become deformed!

If you still want to wash your canvas bag in the machine, here are some tips to avoid damaging your favorite model:

  • Program your machine to the “hand wash” option.
  • Be sure to remove the straps and all accessories from your bag before putting it in the washing machine.
  • Protect your bag with a net (if you don't have one, a pillowcase will do the trick).
  • Use a small amount of detergent and a short cycle.
  • Do not wring your bag in the machine, as this could damage it.
  • Let your bag air dry.

With this, your canvas bag should regain all the beauty that you adore!

Maintaining a nylon bag

Another essential for beach days: the nylon bag, appreciated for its water resistance. So don't worry if your favorite totebag makes an unwanted splash. To maintain it, here again hand washing prevails over machine washing.

To clean your nylon bag by hand:

Step 1

Choose to use a “homemade” product for pre-washing: mix 1 cup of cold water and around 30ml of dishwashing liquid.

2nd step

Rub the stains with your DIY product and a toothbrush using circular movements (foam should create).

Step 3

Wipe the surface of the fabric with a damp cloth.

Step 4

Pat your bag dry.

Please note: the use of hot water is prohibited on nylon because it leaves marks!
Furthermore, wash your nylon bag by hand if it has leather handles. These should not be immersed in water.
To clean leather handles, simply apply a cotton pad soaked in shoe polish or makeup remover milk.

If you want to machine wash your nylon bag, here are some recommendations:

  • Program your machine for a “cold wash.”
  • Add very little detergent to the machine: allow half as much detergent as the amount used when washing a small load of laundry.
  • Run the machine on a normal cycle, such as for heavy-duty clothing.

And because we know that sunscreen oil can be our number one enemy in summer... We offer you these grandmother's remedies to get rid of greasy stains on your favorite nylon bag!

  • If the stain has just been done, apply talcum powder or flour to absorb it.
  • If the stain is older, apply barely damp Marseille soap; 1 hour later, rub the stain, rinse and dry.

And There you go ! Your canvas and nylon bags are clean as new – and ready for new salty adventures… but not dry…