4 pop colors to have in your wardrobe

What if you fell for a red, blue, green or yellow bag? For Pride Month, discover our rainbow-colored selection and find the model that suits you. Celebrate the arrival of summer with colorful leather goods! 

Sun yellow

Warm, cheerful, dynamic... So many adjectives to describe one of the three primary colors: yellow! And for good reason: in color psychology, it suggests happiness and seems to transmit a range of positive emotions. To be worn, therefore, without moderation, so as not to leave anyone indifferent.
But how can you brighten up your outfit with yellow?

First, make sure you choose your shade of yellow carefully. If you don't want to attract (all) the light on you, choose sober yellows (mustard, pale) rather than bright ones, and use them sparingly. For example, focus on accessories: brighten up your summer look with mules, earrings or even a yellow handbag . Also choose your color according to your complexion: pastel or even bright yellows will enhance tanned and black skin, while mustard will suit blondes and fair complexions perfectly. Finally, yellow being a primary color, it should be rather easy to match it to other colors: it goes hand in hand with purple, its complementary color, but also goes well with bright tones for a colorblock effect (green , red, blue…) or pastels to contrast your outfit.

Passion red

Blood red, carmine red, passion red… Also the primary color of the color wheel, red is synonymous with life, action and strong emotions (anger, love, passion). With its liveliness, it captures the attention of those who look at it and provides a feeling of urgency and warmth. Here again, the tones of red that you decide to wear will determine the meaning you give to it: dark reds (burgundy, carmine) will bring a luxurious effect to your look, while bright reds (scarlet, tomato) will awaken a feeling of warmth or courage. Red can also be difficult to combine in fashion; long summarized in sensuality and the imagination of the femme fatale, it is now worn with neutral tones (black, white) or sparkling (gold, bronze) which give it a vintage and premium appearance. Also dare to wear red and pink: although it was perceived as a NO-GO in fashion, it is now proudly worn by our favorite fashionistas who are making it a pop trend to adopt!

Our advice: be careful of the red/green combination which can quickly turn you into a Christmas elf (!)

Natural green

Inseparable from Nature, green also calls for balance, security, ecology, rebirth and even progress. Pleasant to the eye, it has been psychologically proven that green has soothing and relaxing properties!
So, as summer dawns, go green!

On key pieces (t-shirt, blouse, pants) or in touches, green combined with yellow will give a bright and vibrant effect to your look. The overall atmosphere of your outfit will once again be determined by the shades chosen: for a romantic outfit, opt for light tones (sage green, pastel); for a quirky look, wear a bold neon green. Finally, for an elegant outfit, choose a deep green (fir, emerald).

As a general rule, green remains an easy color to combine: pink, mauve and blue will be its best allies, while it will be highlighted if it is combined with neutral colors (black, white, gray).

Spiritual Violet

Secondary color made up of blue and red, purple has the particularity of being almost non-existent in its natural state. Cold or warm depending on its shades (plum, magenta, lilac, purple, etc.), it brings a breath of freshness when it is light, and a feeling of warmth when it is dark. Purple is also recognized for its ambivalence: as soft as it is energetic, as melancholy as it is joyful, it is even a symbol of meditation, peace and spirituality in the Art of feng shui. Once a sign of royalty, it is today a contemporary color appreciated in Fashion and Decoration, and was even named Pantone Color of the Year in 2018 through Ultra Violet.

To add a touch of purple to your look (or your life), sprinkle it sparingly on accessories (hat, tie, sunglasses, handbag). Very feminine when worn in monochrome, purple balances perfectly with white or beige, and is energized alongside yellow, red or green pieces.
Our tip : for a refined look, combine it with gray: so chic!

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