Are you looking for a bag that will hold your documents and/or your computer? Discover our backpacks, shoulder bags and other briefcases, specially designed to accompany you in your active life. Find the model that will follow you wherever you go!

Why use a business bag?

With new ways of working (working at home, professional nomadism...), having a bag adapted to your professional activity has become essential. A variety of business bags are available to make it easier for you to travel between home and the office, and to carry your digital work tools in complete safety. A single criterion unites these models: they are all ergonomically designed to carry A4 documents, computers and other tablets. 

Which business bag to choose for the office?

Here are the different types of business bag you'll find at Hexagona:

- The satchel: this is the classic business bag. Once worn by schoolchildren, it's now a considerable asset when it comes to vintage fashion. Men's satchels are always in leather, in black or brown, with gold or silver buckles. Chic for a retro dandy look, it can be carried by hand or over the shoulder thanks to the removable shoulder strap.

- The briefcase: just as functional as the satchel, the briefcase is intended for purely professional use. However, when subtly crafted in terms of design and choice of materials, it remains a leather goods accessory.

- The backpack: a forgotten item in business bags before the digital explosion, the backpack is now a must-have for businessmen. Depending on the model chosen (leather, nylon, canvas...), it can give a sportswear or dressy style, and is appreciated for its ease of use: thanks to it, you can move around hands-free. Particularly handy if you're into cycling or scootering! Note: another alternative to the business backpack is the monostrap backpack, ideal for tablet users.

- The convertible bag: can't decide between a backpack and a briefcase? Opt for a convertible bag! Thanks to its thoughtful design, all you have to do to switch from one model to another is open a zip, clip on straps or stow them away. The convertible bag will be your best friend for a day's work followed by an afterwork get-together with colleagues.

- The messenger bag: another alternative to the classic business bag, the messenger bag is practical for freedom of movement. For small digital objects (tablet, smartphone), choose a reporter bag or a small-format satchel; to carry a computer, opt for a satchel. Be sure to choose models with reinforced shoulder straps to avoid back pain.