The handbag is the timeless ally of the woman that fashion has made essential. 

These iconic leather or synthetic bags adapt to all styles and are available in a wide variety of colors and models. 

Everyone has their own handbag!

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Which handbag to choose?

Carried by hand or nonchalantly worn on the forearm, the handbag is a timeless addition to women's wardrobes. Whether combined with a masculine-feminine, glamorous or streetwear look, it will always add an effortlessly chic touch to your silhouette. While the choice of a bag remains subjective in terms of shape, design and color, here are a few tips for finding the rare pearl that will accompany you every day:

- Pay attention to how you use it. A handbag can quickly become heavy if overloaded, so use it for appropriate activities or outings. Make sure it's securely closed, especially on public transport, to keep your personal belongings safe.

- To compensate for the weight of a hand-held bag, chose models with a removable shoulder strap. If your bag is too heavy to be carried by hand, you'll gain optimum comfort for carrying your belongings in no time at all... and a new look by twisting the design of your usual bag!

- Choose a sturdy yet lightweight material (leather, nylon...) to ensure it lasts the test of time.

- Opt for one or two handles, depending on use. Models with a single handle will look more chic, but may quickly become cumbersome to carry. Models with two handles are more comfortable and practical for carrying heavy items.

What to put in your handbag?

In a small handbag, carry your essentials for going out or to the office:

- Your small leather goods (wallet, purse, travel companion...) containing your cards and important papers.

- Your keys.

- Your smartphone.

- A pair of headphones.

In a bigger model (tote bag, briefcase...), carry your professional belongings, something to keep you busy during a long commute, and something to keep you cool in hot weather:

- A book.

- A water bottle.

- A snack.

- A fan.

- Medication if necessary.

- Phone charger.

- Tissues.

- Chewing gums.

- A conference folder.

- A computer or a tablet.

- Your important files.

- A pencil case.