Summer look: 50 shades of blue

More fashionable than black, less extravagant than purple, blue stands out with its infinite shades. Essential for men's wardrobes, essential for women's wardrobes, it changes into different tones depending on the style you want to adopt.

Navy blue like Promise

As its name suggests, navy blue has its origins in the British Royal Navy of the 18th century, in reference to the uniform worn by sailors of the time. Then adopted by French crewmen in 1804, this shade of dark blue was chosen for its naturally sun-resistant hue. Even today, it is the symbol of several forms of authority (Police, Bank) and remains the favorite anchor of graphics professionals: in web and drawing applications, the color “navy” designates a blue primer appreciated by its users for its depth and purple undertones.

Find navy blue in particular through the Promesse , Harmony and Betty lines for women, and the Encor e and Confort lines for men.

Blue jeans like Betty

Do you know the history of jeans? Long before an illustrious Levi Strauss made it his trademark, jeans were initially “work overalls” intended for American workers. During the manufacture of the first jeans, indigo blue, a natural dye, was chosen for its chemical properties (the dyes adhered perfectly to the cotton, giving the fabric a very particular resistance). Since then, jeans have retained their iconic blue dye but have been reinvented in an infinite number of shades, with raw blue (minimum treatment of the canvas) remaining a classic in the world of jeans.

Find denim blue through the Betty line .

Midnight blue like Odeon

A very dark shade of blue, the expression “midnight blue” refers to the Purkinje effect. It has in fact been demonstrated that in humans, color vision depends on brightness: the eye distinguishes reds better when it is light, while it perceives blues better when it is darker. This is how we equate the color blue with night... and how the name "midnight blue" was adopted in fashion in 1879. Unlike other tones of blue, midnight blue is a warm shade because it is obtained with primary blue, black and a touch of red.

Find midnight blue through the Odéon , Sauvage and Gracieuse lines .

Petrol blue like Tuscany

Born in 1913 in an article in the newspaper Le Matin , then defined again in 1920 in Le Figaro as a “petrol blue velvet, a new deep, indefinable blue”, petrol blue was adopted in 1939 by British aviators. Today very trendy, it is popular with fashionistas and adored by interior designers. Note that petroleum blue should be dissociated from duck blue, which is made from yellow pigments!

Find petrol blue through the Tuscany , Sauvage and Serena lines .

Sky blue like Pop

Light and bright blue, sky blue refers to the color of the skies caused by the variable diffusion of light. Already in 1550, the Virgin was described wearing a dress “the color of a sky strewn with stars” but it was in 1782 that the name “sky blue” was adopted. Blue washed with white, sky blue is also known under the names “celestial blue” and “cerulean blue” ( coeruleum ).

Find sky blue through the Pop and Multico lines .