Our everyday allies

THE everyday allies , these are the essentials in your wardrobe that enhance your looks in no time. Robust materials, timeless designs, neutral colors, these are the ingredients for an ideal companion. So, who will be YOUR ally of the season?

Opt for robust materials

An ally is someone who will support you unfailingly through all the challenges of life. What better allegory than this to help you choose your next bag!

So that your favorite accessory is your best companion, choose it in solid and robust materials that last over time.
Unsurprisingly, the number 1 in leather goods remains leather:
cowhide, sheep, lamb... Soft, fatty, aged... Neutral or original colors... Leather comes in a myriad of alternatives to match your needs and your style.

Whatever your choice, one thing is certain: a leather bag will be the best option since it combines fashion, solidity and utility!

Fall for timeless designs

If you love fashion for its ever more sought-after designs, nothing beats a timeless accessory to fill your wardrobe.

With classic shapes, there's no chance of making a fashion faux pas or getting tired of this trendy bag for a season. Square trotter, rectangular handbag , backpack ... These are the essential models for a casual look without the hassle.

Choose neutral colors

Adding basics to your wardrobe also means perfecting your neutral color palette. Black, white, beige, navy blue, brown... are all colors that are easy to wear and make great allies.

Their advantage? They go with your entire wardrobe: whether worn as accents or as a total look, neutral colors are always welcome. To be used of course on all your favorite pieces:
dress, blazer, shoulder bag , belt , wallet

Go ahead, anything goes!

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