THE LITTLE BAG GUIDE - Episode 2: choosing the right business bag

Notice to all those who are struggling to find the bag of their dreams: here we are back to play some very good tricks on you! Today in our “Little bag guide”, we offer you some advice for choosing the right business bag as the start of the school year...

Choose according to the type of bag

As obvious as it may seem, the (right) choice of a bag will firstly depend on the use you wish to make of it. With the arrival of new working methods (teleworking, professional nomadism, etc.), the bag has become a major element for businesswomen/men: beyond simple equipment, it must also be able to contain a computer, a tablet and documents, as well as a compartment for personal belongings. In general, four types of bags are available to you: the handbag , the shoulder bag , the backpack and the shoulder bag .

If you travel light to the office, a totebag or shopping bag will be suitable: very practical and less formal than a satchel, they give a fashionable touch to your professional look through worked colors and materials. And so that your bag lasts you over time, choose it in synthetic or leather rather than canvas.

If you are a bike or scooter fan, the messenger bag, shoulder bag and backpack will be your best allies to keep your hands free! The first two combine aesthetics and practicality: the shoulder strap, often reinforced, allows unprecedented comfort for carrying your belongings. However, be careful not to overload your bag if you are wearing a coat or jacket with structured shoulders: the weight of the bag and the strap could damage the padding and damage the garment... in addition to hurting your back. The backpack, for its part, is timeless at any age: ergonomic, it is no longer only used by adolescents and combines fashion and design with the benefit of noble materials (leather) or technical materials (nylon, sportswear, etc.)

Finally, purists will prefer the eternal briefcase, the perfect accessory for the business woman or man. Although it remains very codified, it still stands out for transporting your professional belongings in complete safety. Sober, robust, timeless, the briefcase has been brought up to date with the appearance of ever more elaborate straps.

Choose according to material

More than any other type of bag, the material must be decisive in the choice of your business bag. In fact, it is what ensures the protection of your professional belongings: a business bag must be resistant and of quality.

If you are carrying moderately heavy loads (computer equipment, notebooks, books, documents, etc.) leather remains a material of choice: beyond their timeless aesthetic, leather models are often more solid than those made of synthetic materials. Combined with high-end supplies (zips, closures, handles, etc.) and finishes (lining, edges, assembly, etc.), leather bags will be your best allies... for (almost) eternity!

If you prefer to focus on fashion, nylon, canvas and synthetic bags today offer a myriad of models, each more trendy than the last. Sportswear , chic, rock or casual , everyone has their own business bag!

Choose based on color

This last piece of advice is particularly aimed at fashionistas at heart: we reassure you, a business bag is not necessarily synonymous with an outdated accessory without a stylish effect!

Nowadays, there are many trendy models breaking the sometimes (too) strict codes of the professional world, in favor of a modern aesthetic and a sophisticated color palette. The eternal blacks, grays, beiges, browns and blues remain the leaders of so-called professional colors: with them, no fear of making a fashion faux pas or being out of the box ( or the office). Timeless, they can be worn in summer as well as in winter and enhance noble materials such as leather. The most daring among us, however, will opt for more seasonal colors: pastel colors in spring/summer, more sober in autumn/winter, fashion brands are now thinking outside the box to offer business bags that are as colorful as they are stylish. . So which way will you lean?