Once upon a time... Le Baizenville

An object of leather goods with fickle origins, the bailenville marks its comeback in the 21st century thanks to the trend vintage . Between secret stories and arrival in Fashion, let us tell you the story... of Bainville!

A little history

Baisenville, or city-fuck, is aptly named since its meaning is as… evocative as its name. To understand its meaning, simply take the expression literally! The bainville appeared in 1934 in the form of a bag, often equipped with a strap, to carry the “bad sleeper's survival kit”. At this time, the consumer society was at its peak and if opulence was felt through outings (theatre, cinema, restaurants, etc.), it was also felt in carnal pleasures and romantic dalliances. The watchword is then: “enjoy life”, at almost all levels!

A stigma of the sexism of the time, the bainville was a typically masculine leather goods accessory during this period. It contains the essentials men need for a night away from home; to wear a bainville is to boldly display one's nocturnal designs. But with elegance! The Bainville is actually still made of leather, has a pocket on the front and a buckled flap. The sulphurous Gainsbourg even put it in the spotlight in his title “Dispatch box”: “I take my fuck-in-town, I go to Delta Ville, With my dispatch box”…

Baisenville and fashion

As we said, the bainville was historically worn by men as early as the 1930s. It experienced a resurgence in popularity in the 1970s among chic forties, reaching its peak in fashion in the 21st century. Eh yes ! For years, fashion has been going back in time and giving pride of place to vintage style, to the delight of Baisenville fans. Because if this object with its famous past resurfaces, it is to restore its image by shedding its sexist attributes. Indeed, the bainnville is now adopted by both men and women who display it on androgynous masculine-feminine looks.

In terms of design, the Baisenville is once again revealed in a new light. Initially made of leather, it is now available in nylon version for a sporty chic look. Complete the outfit with beige chinos, a light shirt or white t-shirt and sneakers to accentuate the casual effect.
If you prefer to go back to basics, opt for a leather bainville with a preppy look: pleated pants, shirt under sweater, blazer and moccasins will be essential to perfect your style.