How to wear the total black look?

While it enhances all silhouettes and brings an effortlessly chic touch, black is above all the best friend of fashionistas of yesterday and today. But is it as easy as you think to dress all in black? A quick overview of how to wear the total look without fear of...

Mix materials & cuts

In the age of monochrome and the colorblock trend, you might think that sporting a total black look would be child's play. Think again ! Dressing in black is not synonymous with an accumulation of plain clothes, but rather a style exercise that is more subtle than it seems. The good news is that it's rare to make a fashion faux pas when it comes to a total black look, especially in fall-winter, a season more than suitable for dark colors.

To put on your most beautiful monochrome attire, we first advise you to focus on a variety of cuts and materials. This mix will break the smooth and sometimes sinister side of black, and will give style to your outfit. It's the same with color: like any other color, black comes in a multitude of tones more or less dark, and more or less dense (ebony black, charcoal, raven wing, etc.) Create a mix & match of several shades of black and your look will be even stronger. Finally, play with the cuts and volumes of your clothes: dare to wear baggy denim combined with pumps, or a tight knit dress combined with an oversized leather bomber jacket.

Find your style

The advantage of black? It suits all body shapes, all skin tones and all hair colors! Flattering whatever your figure, it is the friend of a sharp look as well as a casual outfit. So to stand out in the autumnal monochrome, it's up to you to find your own style. Be careful, however, not to fall into clichés: a black outfit is not necessarily synonymous with a rock, gothic or rigid look. If fashion is a playground for you, have fun, for example, with layering black pieces of different styles, materials and cuts. If you prefer a more sober look, opt for noble materials (leather, wool, satin, etc.) and quality cuts to give a premium effect to black.


Come on, we'll give you the real secret to making a total black look work: focus on accessories! They are the ones who will dress up and modernize a black outfit that is too bland. The choice of shoes is therefore essential: even if they are black, they can twist your look with their shape, their details or their material. Heeled Mary Janes or pumps will indeed add a touch of elegance, while sneakers will complete a casual look with discretion. Beyond shoes, you can accessorize your look with a hat or beret, or an original pair of black sunglasses. However, the ultimate accessory remains the bag: carried in the hand , on the shoulder or across the body , a black bag will always be a great ally. Opt for leather if you want to give pride of place to the material; prefer synthetic for a more fashionable model (croco grain, patent, etc.)

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