4 gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother's day is approaching ! Looking for a little attention to please your Mom? What if you swapped the bouquet of flowers this year for a bag or small leather goods? We give you some ideas for giving your favorite heroine the perfect gift.

For a flirtatious Mom

For as long as you can remember, you have always known your Mom to be dressed. Her passion is makeup and beauty products: offering her essential make-up (lipstick, powder, eyeshadow, etc.) or skincare (day or night creams, scrub, etc.) is a do to respect.

But what if, this year, you offered him the ideal accessory to store all his little secrets? Toiletry or makeup bag , minaudiere, powder compact... are all items to carry your beauty essentials. Opt for leather versions: elegant and durable, they will be the perfect companions for mothers on the move!

For an adventurous mom

Being a Mom means facing small and big challenges at any stage of life – and particularly yours! – Their days are punctuated by responsibilities of all kinds, and each trip is an adventure in itself.

What if you made his life easier by offering him a practical accessory? The bag is undoubtedly a mother's essential item for storing papers, personal effects, children's laundry and other last-minute snacks. If cross-body bags and shoulder bags are everyday basics, backpacks will be the most popular for family outings. Thanks to their volume, their numerous pockets and their ergonomic carry, your Mom will appreciate being free to move around whenever she travels!

For a businesswoman mom

Your Mom is a modern-day Superwoman: between her professional and personal lives, nothing can resist her. She manages office and home affairs at the same time thanks to her masterly organization and determination.

If you want to please him, choose something that will fit into his daily life, such as a functional and easy-to-use object. Our idea? A speaker : dressed in leather, this small leather accessory will be your Mom's elegant “little extra” for taking notes in meetings. Add a touch of light to this timeless object by choosing colorful versions!

Just for a Mom

A flirtatious, adventurous or businesswoman Mom is good, but a Mom in general is even better... Simplicity is in the little things and your Mom has understood this from the start, when a necklace of pasta or a drawing already filled his heart with joy. So to celebrate her, nothing better than a little meaningful attention to show her how important she is.

Still need ideas? Here are a few: a photo album, a personalized mug, a bouquet of flowers, a small leather accessory ( purse , checkbook holder , wallet , etc.), breakfast in bed... We promise, it doesn't matter what you offer her, your Mom will be satisfied!

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