4 neutral colors to have in your wardrobe

A few weeks ago, we presented you the trendy colors for Spring-Summer 2023 . What if we made some space in our wardrobe today for a few basic and timeless colors? Spotlight on 4 essentials!

Black is black

“Black is always a good idea” as someone else would say…

The height of the essential, black is available in every way to enhance your looks – shoes, jacket, accessories, etc. – In an iconic little dress version, in a total look or in accents, black is THE basic in your wardrobe. Incomparable and unrivaled, it is the symbol of ultra chic effortless fashion.

In terms of looks, black will dress up your evening outfits as well as your formal outfits. As for accessories, opt for black shoes to match your bag; choose it in leather to highlight the grain of the material.

Soft like beige

The trendy color for spring-summer 2023, beige stands out with its soft, warm and comforting shades. These call for calm and enveloping atmospheres, and its variations sometimes recall natural tones (“sand”, “earth” colors, etc.)

Beige has the advantage of transforming a sober outfit into a sophisticated, even premium look. More original than a basic white, it can be worn in summer as well as in winter because it brightens a dark look and softens more extravagant outfits. Definitely to adopt!

Brown is the new black

Brown is certainly the most representative color of leather goods. Favorite color to be as close as possible to the artisanal image of leather, brown enhances bags and other small leather goods with its natural and raw appearance.

The advantage of brown leather? This develops a patina over time and gives an aged appearance full of character to the products. Brown is an essential to have in your wardrobe: its wide range of colors (orange-brown, dark, light, etc.) will definitely please your eyes!

The big Blue

At first glance less popular than black, navy blue is yet another basic to have in your wardrobe. Paired with light tones (beige, white, ecru, etc.), it brings a touch of elegance without embellishment to your outfit. Worn as well by women as by men, navy blue reveals all its delicacy both through clothing and leather goods.

Our advice? On a formal outfit, add touches of navy blue to your look (bags, earrings). And for every day, don't forget THE navy piece: the sailor top!