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Hexagona, the maker of lifestyle leather goods, inspired by tradition.


Our Story

The Hexagona story began in 1984, when the founders of the brand started manufacturing leather goods for renowned French brands, in their Haussmann style apartment in Le Marais, Paris. Gradually, they were able to produce up to 80 carefully handcrafted pieces a day. Their passion for beautifully made products and the quality of their work founded their reputation, which grew and grew.

In 1996, the Hexagona brand was launched, so we could express freely our creativity and make our talent available to a larger number of people. Hexagona was born from our passion for leather, that is expressed through an eye for carefully crafted products and beautiful detailing. We take the most care when selecting the material, style, stitching or the metal accessories for our bags. This also applies to our suppliers, who are chosen for their expertise and reliability, and with whom we have developed a loyal and trusting relationship, that is going from strength to strength.


Our Expertise

Over the last 30 years, we have developed our expertise in the design, manufacturing and distribution of our bags and leather goods. We rely on some of the world’s most advanced production techniques, machinery and tools.

Everyday, our creative teams apply their expertise and energy, in their search for the latest trends and inspirations and in their rigorous choice of materials, to ensure that the final products are a esthetically pleasing, of high quality, practical and comply with the European standards.

Today, Hexagona products are available in over 20 countries worldwide.


Our Commitment

At Hexagona, we are all committed to adhere to the following core values:

Listening : We are constantly seeking to improve our process and practices, so we can meet our clients and partners satisfactions. Before making any decisions, we listen to the opinions that have been shared with us...

Respect and compliance : We comply with European Manufacturing standards (ISO 9001), and we care about the quality of our employees working environment. We respect our customers’ expectations by to following up orders closely, to ensure timely despatch and delivery. We endeavour to respect different views and people from all backgrounds.

Quality : Since 1984, we are proudly perpetuating a French traditional craft. Our manufacturing process is subject to strict quality controls.


Hexagona, a brand that promotes Freedom

The Hexagona motto is “Freedom within hands reach”

Hexagona’s bags are designed for men and women, who seeks freedom of movement as they go about their daily life and travels, whilst relying on high quality, practical, a esthetically pleasing and affordable bags.


3 core values to promote freedom for all:

Confidence : A bag can tell a lot about the person who is carrying it. It can enhance individual style and reveal personal preferences. It can spark questions, admirative looks or even encounters ... Our bags are designed to give you confidence in your everyday life.

Mobility : we all need a bag to carry around our essentials, whether we are embarking on urban or exotic adventures. Reading, using our phone, paying, putting make up… there are so many reasons why we need a practical bag. The pockets and zips of our bag are designed with dynamic, mobile people in mind.

Diversity : Choice is freedom. We believe very strongly that differences are enriching. Our collections feature a wide range of material and styles to broaden your horizons.

Our iconic collections, available on this website



Hexagona’s iconic collection has been enjoying unfaltering success for over 10 years!

The timeless charm of our République collection, embodies the style of French leather craft, a tradition inspired by elegance, freedom and creativity. By choosing one of these strong, authentic natural leather bags, you will add a long-lasting touch of distinction to your life!


Confort, grained leather

The perfect collection for the adventurers!

The Confort collection of bags, is ideal for men and women, across all generations, who prefer leather accessories for their regular travels or weekend escapades. It may be hard to find another range of cow leather bags crafted with such high-quality detailing, at such an affordable price.


Supple and soft to touch, the Sauvage collection will brighten your everyday life with its range of distinctive, full grainleather bags. One of our Sauvage bags will probably become your companion for a significant part of your life, as after sharing a few adventures together, you won’t go without it!

Chic and practical, the handbags, wallets and purses, available in this collection, are designed to give you elegance and freedom of movement.