A Family History

First of all, Hexagona is a family history established in the mid 1980’s and specialized in leather good’s conception and manufacture. Founded in 1996 in the “Marais”, a Parisian neighborhood, the Hexagona House highlights its knowledge in leather goods by combining creativity and quality standards.

A desire to democratize leather goods

Our company's motto is to guarantee a well-designed, rigorously manufactured leather good at the right price. From the start of a project, a dialog begins within our styling team between technic, aesthetic, quality and practicality. These values are the cornerstones of our creative approach and dominate in the creation of bags and small leather goods as beautiful as useful.

Models for everyone

In each collection, we take care of improving our manufacturing technics and adapting them to answer better to the new daily needs. Ergonomic, multifunctional, intemporal or fashionable models: each detail is studied to offer the insurance of an irreprochable and sustainable quality. And as we want everyone to find its perfect match and to (re)define its style, we also take care of diversify our product’s offer through different forms, colors and fabrics.

A knowledge's heritage

Each Hexagona product is made of a leather good knowledge, which is transmitted from generation to generation. Our bag and leather good offer is marked by passion and tradition, and is the result of the synergy between our styling office based in Paris and our partnered firms based in Asia. Both our teams take care of the good-producing of prototypes, from technical drawings to product’s manufacturing, strictly answering quality standards asked by the House.

Expert production facilities in leather good

We chose to produce all our models in Asia because the dedicated firms benefit from an expertise in manufacturing leather goods. Also, because we are committed to sustainable production, the firms comply with social and environmental standards, and undergo a rigorous quality control process to guarantee the very best of Hexagona throughout our collections.