Focus on the belt,  the timeless accessory par excellence! Combining business with pleasure, it can be the real touch of elegance to your outfit when it is made of leather. Sober color or more elaborate, with gold or chrome buckle, which one will you go for?

The belt, the chic detail

If there's one leather goods accessory that enhances an outfit, it's the belt. First seen in prehistoric times, belts were worn by men and women alike. It took the form of a leather strap tied around the waist to hold garments in place. Over the years, belts have sometimes been worn more by men than by women, and vice versa, but today they are a resolutely mixed accessory. It can be found in both men's and women's wardrobes as a jewel that "finishes" a look: plain, patterned, leather, synthetic, colored, sober... All designs are permitted!

How to choose a belt?

A true fashion accessory, belts come in a variety of styles, just like clothes, bags and wallets. To choose the right model, first ask yourself what style you want to give your silhouette. For example, for a dandy chic look, opt for a leather model with clean, sober lines. The nobility of the material, combined with a timelessly elegant color palette (black, navy blue, brown...), will add a chic touch to your outfit. To give your look a twist, you can also choose a specific leather, such as printed cowhide, to add a touch of originality.

For a sportswear look, opt for a synthetic model with a flat buckle. That's right! Choosing a belt can be based on the belt's material, but also on the type of buckle. A gold or silver buckle will be more classic - but no less elegant - than a flat or more elaborate one. It all depends on your style! A word of advice, though: for a belt to be effective, choose one that can be adjusted, either through holes or a sliding system.