Key holders & Others

Thanks to the key holders, there is no longer any question of looking for your keys for hours! Timeless, sportswear or trendy, our models will bring a touch of elegance to your set of keys. Find the one that will become your new essential!

The key holder, a useful leather goods accessory

If you're looking for an accessory that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful, the key holder is the small leather goods accessory for you. Say goodbye to endless hours searching for your keys in your house or bag. If you're not used to carrying a bag, the key holder will be even more indispensable: carry your wallet or your purse, your smartphone and your key holder in your pockets, and you're ready to go. And if fashion and leather goods are your playgrounds, you're in for a real treat: from now on, the key holder becomes a real fashion accessory. Whether in terms of shape - the possibilities are endless - color (black or colored?) or material (leather or synthetic?), nothing is left to chance. Only the specific elements of the key holder are always there: it never separates from its carabiner or its keychain. All that's left to do is choose yours!

Focus on our favorite model: Master

Hexagona offers you its favorite model: the Master line key holder. This collection brings a touch of sportswear to your look with its sleek design and textile material. Its simple lines and dynamic colors will win you over: black with a sprinkling of orange, or burgundy with a white border? Beyond its design, the Master key holder will win you over with this important feature: like the rest of the line, its material is waterproof. Practical for keeping your sesame dry in inclement weather.