Multipurpose bags

No time to change your bag every morning? Our multipurpose bags for women are made for you! 

Easy to use thanks to their system of interchangeable straps, your backpack turns into a handbag during the day. 

Discover our convertible bags to change your style in the blink of an eye!

What is a convertible bag?

Like fashion, leather goods today are a real playground for designers, who make them as playful as they are practical. The convertible bag combines the aesthetics of a shoulder or cross-body bag with the ergonomics of a backpack. Never have time to change your bag in the morning before leaving for the office? Modular to suit your schedule, you'll never have to choose between different models again! 

If you need a deep, ergonomic space to carry your professional belongings, position the straps in "backpack" mode. And if you'd like to carry a fashionable, casual bag after your day's work, modulate them to become shoulder bag straps! How easy is that?

Our iconic convertible bags

At Hexagona, we offer a trendy convertible bag model every season. However, you can find our permanent cowhide bags all year round. Here's a closer look at our iconic convertible bag lines:

République cowhide leather convertible bags : fall for one of our two iconic models in collared vegetable cowhide leather, in square or rounded format. The two adjustable, non-removable shoulder straps can be transformed into handles, transforming your casual backpack into an elegant shoulder bag.

Sauvage convertible bag in cowhide leather : treat yourself to the Sauvage convertible bag in supple cowhide leather: soft to the touch, it will seduce you with its luminous colors. Open the shoulder bag's double zipper, separate the two zippers and you've got a backpack.

Confort convertible bags in cowhide leather : opt for one of two models of convertible bags in grained cowhide leather. One, with its sober design, can be transformed into a backpack or shoulder bag, while the other, with its more elaborate design, can be used as a shoulder bag.