15" and A4 Compatible

Our 15" and A4 compatible bags for women are ideal for carrying school business, computer and other professional files. 

To accompany you in your student or professional life, choose between a functional briefcase or a trendy shoulder bag. 

Fall for the model leather or synthetic that will follow you wherever you go!

Why choose a 15" and A4 compatible bag?

An alternative to the 13" and A4 compatible bag, the 15" and A4 compatible bag is ideal for carrying a 15" computer and A4 documents. Voluminous but not cumbersome, this model can accommodate notebooks, computer and tablet, so you can carry all your belongings in a single accessory, while protecting them from shocks and bad weather. That's right! In addition to the various compartments and reinforcements to take care of your professional equipment, some 15" and A4 compatible bags are also waterproof. Often lightweight, the materials used to manufacture these business bags are designed to be worn easily in any situation.

What shape of 15" and A4 compatible bag should I choose?

A briefcase: still THE emblematic model of business leather goods. Formal, it's ideal if you want to keep your professional and personal lives separate by using different bags throughout the day. Ergonomic, the briefcase is a classic for storing all your belongings, thanks to its many pockets and compartments. For optimum carrying comfort, choose a model with a removable, reinforced shoulder strap: with a snap of the fingers, you'll be able to carry your briefcase on your shoulder instead of on your hand. When it comes to materials, opt for :

- The leather version: elegant, refined and sturdy, the leather briefcase is a fashion statement. Go for the Confort Business model by Hexagona: available in a variety of sober, bright colors, it will accompany you on all your business trips thanks to its trolley passage.

- The water-repellent version: certain synthetic materials are treated to become waterproof and protect against the elements. Our Serena Business briefcase is just the thing for going to work while protecting your computer.

- The nylon version: a sportswear material, nylon is appreciated for its ease of care: simply dab a damp cloth with neutral soap over the surface of the document case to clean it. Choose the Diversité model: color and lightness guaranteed!

A shoulder bag: more fashionable and less formal than a briefcase, the shoulder bag lets you use your bag for both professional and personal purposes. Its large, adjustable handles ensure ideal comfort, while its multiple pockets and compartments offer optimal volume. Discover Hexagona models:

- In leather: the 15'' and A4 Confort shoulder bag is an everyday essential: chic thanks to its noble material and practical thanks to its ergonomic format, adopt it for all your outings!

- In synthetic version: our Toscane model combines fashion with its original colors, and practicality with its deep spaces and large adjustable handles.