Travel wallets

As its name suggests, the travel companion accompanies you on all your trips. 

Our women's travel companions match our bags and have plenty of practical pockets and compartments 

for sorting your official documents, family photos and all your cards. 

Adopt yours to enhance your look!

Why choose a travel wallet instead of a wallet?

As the name suggests, a travel wallet is your best friend on every journey. Whether you're traveling by car, plane or boat, it's essential to take your administrative papers and means of payment with you. And if the wallet is the ally of choice, the travel wallet is the accessory you need to carry all your personal belongings. There's just one reason for this: it combines in a single object the functionalities of all your small leather goods (wallet, purse, card holder, checkbook holder...) Made up of one or two sections according to your needs, in horizontal or vertical format, the travel wallet lets you carry all your important documents, such as your identity card, passport, bank cards, bills, change, checkbook and vehicle registration document. Thanks to its many compartments, it can easily replace a hand-held pouch! Some travel wallet models even feature a removable wrist strap.

Although more complete than a wallet, the travel wallet has the same security features: zippered closure, snap-flap pocket and Stop RFID technology are all present in your travel companion to protect your belongings. The RFID system makes it possible to stop the waves, thus preserving the data stored on your wallet. 

What kind of travel wallet should you buy?

Just like a bag or a wallet, a travel wallet should be chosen for both its use and its aesthetic appeal. While some may prefer sturdier leather models, others may appreciate the fashionable look of synthetic ones. The same goes for colors: the timeless black, brown and beige will always be first in leather goods. Seasonal colors (red, blue, green...) are not to be outdone by their originality.

What are Hexagona's timeless travel wallets?

Every season, Hexagona offers a new range of trendy models. However, we are committed to keeping our timeless leather travel wallets:

The Confort travel wallet : it's as practical as it is attractive, with its grained cowhide leather and wide variety of colors. Special mention must go to the removable hand strap, for a variety of ways to carry it!

The Promesse travel wallet : elegant with its brushed gold buckle and grained cowhide leather, the Promesse travel wallet holds all your belongings thanks to its 2 flaps and multiple compartments.

The Soft travel wallet : so chic! The Soft travel wallet will be the discreet charm of your outfit, thanks to its supple shiny cowhide leather and sober colors.