Small leather goods

Matching your bag or not, small leather goods for women come in different shapes and materials. 

Need to store your checkbook or keep your passport or change safe?

 In leather or synthetic, wallet, travel companion or purse will meet all your needs.

Find the small leather goods that suit you!

Card Holders
RFID blocking

Which small leather goods to choose?

More and more cards (blue, loyalty...), coins, passports, ID cards, driving licenses... Nowadays, small leather goods accessories almost have to look like mini bags to hold all your personal belongings! Fortunately, the range is constantly expanding to meet your need to keep your papers within easy reach. In leather or synthetic, in black or color, to match your bag or not... Which model should you choose? We'll tell you!

Wallet : emblematic of small leather goods, this is the most commonly used accessory. With one or two flaps, it's perfect for carrying small change, bills, cards and driving licenses. Whether you opt for a flap, zip or snap fastening, you can keep your papers safe and secure... and in style!

Purse : another essential accessory, it's appreciated for its small size. No more misplacing small change! Here again, aesthetics are the key to soberly shine when you take out your purse: retro with a clip clasp, elegant with a snap fastener, modern with a zip, choose your purse according to your style!

Travel : what's the difference between a wallet and a travel ? Quite simply, it's the space the latter offers for your papers: in addition to the indispensable compartments for cards, bills and change, the travel has a checkbook compartment. So you can carry all your documents in one handy accessory.

Card holder : if you prefer to separate your documents into different leather accessories, the card holder is the way to go. As its name suggests, it will safely hold all your cards.

Conference folder : an ultra-chic accessory for today's businesswomen, it will be your perfect ally for storing and transporting your business documents. Choose the leather version to add a touch of elegance to your bag...

What is RFID blocking?

Some Hexagona small leather goods feature RFID blocking (""Radio Frequency Identification blocking""). In other words, some of our wallets, purses, travel companions and phone pouches with integrated wallets stop the transmission of waves, making it impossible to read the data on your cards.